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“Jorgensen is the master of yanking corporate American’s chain.”

                                                                           -Joel Postman, author of SocialCorp-

"In these uncertain times, we need writers like Christopher L. Jorgensen, who aren't afraid to poke the seemingly un-pokeable with an endless arsenal of originality and wit, and discover humanity in the unlikeliest of places."

                  -Christian Dumais, author of Smashed: The Life and Tweets of Drunk Hulk-

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"Like the letters your crazy great uncle would write, except twice as coherent, three times as funny, and for the most part legal. The greatest use of the US Postal Service since the SASE!"

                                                           -Conor Lastowka, author of [Citation Needed]-

Our Summer/Fall 2017 Titles Coming in August

Poetry and art by Kurt Slauson

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More Jackassery by Christopher Jorgensen

And some marvelously witty fan-fiction by Chip Rowe.

“Brock reshapes the traditional gumshoe persona in his debut noir novel . . . certain to become a new favorite for noir aficionados.”

-Manhattan Book Review-

“I bloody loved it. Henry Brock's Vicious Dogs is a brutal slice of lowlife noir that smartly blends Charles Bukowski with Eddie Bunker and breathes new life into the PI novel.”

-Paul D. Brazill, author of Cold London Blues and Guns of Brixton-

“A classic PI story with a fresh new voice. Vicious Dogs hits all the right notes. And who says Canadians are so polite? By the end, this dog bites!”

-Eric Beetner, author of Rumrunners and The Devil Doesn’t Want Me-

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“The first Derek Lasker Investigations delivers a whip-crack plot and devilish humor that goes down like a tall can of Molson's after a plate of poutine.”

-Eryk Pruitt, author of Dirtbags and Hashtag-

“An outlandish exploration of the ways loneliness, love, and loss manifest themselves in a seemingly ordinary man . . . is both funny and heartbreaking.”

-Foreword Reviews-

"In a time when we need real heroes more than ever, Christopher L. Jorgensen arrives to save us all. And I don't care if he masturbates in his kitchen or not—this is not a time to be picky."

-Dave Hill, author of Tasteful Nudes-

“. . . an excellent, vibrant read, even though it does rather tarnish the image of Canada being an always-gentle country where the most untoward behavior is ordering an Americano at a Tim Hortons.”

-Mystery Scene-


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