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Run Amok uses POD technology to publish its books. We’re aware of the stigma and the long-held bias (which we hope may actually be fading) against print-on-demand books. As a micro press, POD is the only viable option, and as a “green-thinking” company, POD makes the most sense for our environment. POD technology has come a long way in the past decade. As far as we can tell, a POD book–quality wise–is virtually indistinguishable from an offset book. The only real difference, and it is not an insignificant one, is POD books necessarily have a higher price point. Unfortunately, the higher cost of production must be passed on to the book consumer. For us, that’s a reality we can’t avoid. For the consumer, it’s a couple of bucks more for a great book that he/she knows contributed minimally to the already-too-large footprint of the book industry. Enough said. Now fire away with those submissions!

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: A brief word about our business model (that comes off sounding more like a rant)


We are looking for titles to fill a few open spots in our fall, 2017 calendar. In nonfiction, we are looking for humorous memoirs and other types of creative nonfiction. We would love to see a collection of essays. We are also interested in solidly researched, more traditional nonfiction that is off the beaten path (remember our motto: Go a little crazy…). Please no cookbooks, and nothing related to health, spirituality, or religion (see above motto). In fiction, we’ll look at just about anything, including poetry. However, keep in mind that we generally lean toward the literary and we area generally not fans of vampires, zombies, or anything that involves magic wands and the likes. That’s about it. So fire away.

Email submissions to: submissions at runamok-books dot com